TagString Property

Specifies the tag string of the object.

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Attribute, AttributeReference, PopupMenu, PopupMenuItem, Toolbar, ToolbarItem
The object or objects this property applies to.


String; read-write (read-only for PopupMenu and Toolbar objects)
The tag string of the object.


Attribute, AttributeReference: This string identifies each occurrence of the attribute. Enter any characters except spaces or exclamation points. AutoCAD changes lowercase letters to uppercase.

PopupMenu, PopupMenuItem, Toolbar, ToolbarItem: A tag, or name tag, is a string consisting of alphanumeric and underscore (_) characters. This string uniquely identifies the item within a given customization file. This string is automatically assigned when the object is created and is used internally by AutoCAD for toolbar and menu identification. Most developers do not need this level of identification and can safely ignore the TagString property.