DisplayPlotPreview Method

Displays the Plot Preview dialog box with the full view preview.

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object.DisplayPlotPreview Preview


The object or objects this method applies to.


AcPreviewMode enum; input-only



The preview is invoked on the active layout.

Full preview displays the drawing on the screen as it will appear when plotted on paper. This requires a regeneration of the drawing. It is faster than the normal plot regeneration because AutoCAD performs no vector sorting or optimization.

The NumberOfCopies property and SetLayoutsToPlot method settings are ignored during the call to this method.

This method is not available while in batchmode and will return E_FAIL if called in batchmode.

The associated drawing is made active when this method is called. This drawing will remain active after completion of the DisplayPlotPreview method.

This method puts the associated drawing into a special display mode that can only be exited by user interaction. Thus, upon successful return from the DisplayPlotPreview method, the associated drawing will be active, and will be left in plot preview display mode.