CreateTypedArray Method

Creates a variant that contains an array of typed arguments.

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CreateTypedArray(VarArr, Type, Value1, [value2, value3, ...valueN])


The object or objects this method applies to.


Variant; output-only
The array of values as a variant.


Visual Basic 6 Constant; input-only
The type of values you are supplying.
vbBoolean, vbInteger, vbLong, vbSingle, or vbDouble.

Value1 [Value2, ...ValueN.]

Of the type specified in the Type parameter above; input-only
The value(s) to be included in the variant.


The resulting variant can be passed into any AutoCAD method or property that accepts an array of numbers as a variant.

This method can only be accessed using late-binding programming techniques. To use this method, define the utility object as Object (Dim myObj As Object), not as AcadUtility.