CopyObjects Method

Duplicates multiple objects (deep cloning).

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RetVal = object.CopyObjects(Objects[, Owner][, IDPairs])


Database, Document
The object or objects this method applies to.


Variant (array of objects); input-only
The array of primary objects to be copied. All the objects must have the same owner, and the owner must belong to the database or document that is calling this method.


Variant (a single object); input-only; optional
The new owner for the copied objects. If no owner is specified, the objects will be created with the same owner as the objects in the Objects array.


Variant (array of IDPair objects); input-output; optional
Information on what happened during the copy and translation process.
Input: an empty variant.
Output: an array of IDPair objects.


Variant (array of objects)
An array of newly created duplicate objects. Only primary objects are returned in this array. For more information on what occured during the CopyObjects operation, or a list of objects owned by primary objects that were also copied, consult the IDPairs array.


To copy objects to another open drawing, set the Owner parameter to the other drawing's model space.

During the CopyObjects operation, objects that are owned or referenced by the primary objects in the Objects parameter will also be copied.

NOTE You cannot execute this method while simultaneously iterating through a collection. An iteration will open the work space for a read-only operation, while this method attempts to perform a read-write operation. Complete any iteration before you call this method.