Coordinates Property

Specifies the coordinates for each vertex in the object.

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3DFace, 3DPolyline , Leader, LightweightPolyline, MLine, Point, PolyfaceMesh, PolygonMesh, Polyline, Solid, Trace
The object or objects this property applies to.


Variant (array of doubles); read-write
The array of points.

LightweightPolyline objects: The variant is an array of 2D points in OCS.

Polyline objects: The variant is an array of 3D points: the X and Y coordinates are in OCS; the Z coordinate is ignored.

All other objects: The variant is an array of 3D points in WCS.


This property will replace any existing coordinates for the specified object. Use standard array-handling techniques to process the coordinates contained in this property.

You cannot change the number of coordinates in the object by using this property. You can change only the location of existing coordinates.

For the following objects, the Z coordinate will always default to 0 on the active UCS: 3DFace, Leader, MLine, PolyfaceMesh, and Trace.

3DPolyline , Polyline, PolygonMesh: For simple polylines (not splined or curve fit), this property specifies simple vertices. For splined or curve-fit polylines, this property specifies control point vertices.

When setting the coordinates for a polyline, if you supply fewer coordinates than the object currently possesses, the polyline will be truncated. Any fit points applying to the truncated vertices will also be truncated. If you supply more coordinates than the object currently possesses, the extra vertices will be appended to the polyline.

The OCS coordinates for the Polyline and LightweightPolyline objects can be converted to and from other coordinate systems using the TranslateCoordinates method.