AddRaster Method

Creates a new raster image based on an existing image file.

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RetVal = object.AddRaster(ImageFileName, InsertionPoint, ScaleFactor, RotationAngle)


ModelSpace Collection, PaperSpace Collection, Block
The object or objects this method applies to.


String; input-only
The full path and file name of the image.


Variant (three-element array of doubles); input-only
The 3D WCS coordinates in the drawing where the raster image will be created.


Double; input-only
The raster image scale factor. The default image scale factor is 1. The scale factor must be a positive number. You can set the scale of the image to the scale of the geometry created in the AutoCAD drawing.


Double; input-only
The rotation angle in radians for the raster image.


Raster object
The newly created Raster object.


Images placed through the AddRaster method are not actually part of the drawing file. The raster image is linked to the drawing file through a path name or document ID. Linked image paths can be changed or removed at any time by using the SupportPath property. By attaching images using linked image paths, you place images in your drawing without increasing the file size of the drawing.

You can add the same raster image file to your drawing file multiple times. Each instance has its own clip boundary and its own settings for brightness, contrast, fade, and transparency. A single image can be cut into multiple pieces that can be rearranged independently in your drawing.