SetProjectFilePath Example

Using Programming Languages other than VBA

Sub Example_SetProjectFilePath()
	' This example finds the current project file information, changes
	' that information, and finally resets the information back to the
	' original values.

	Dim preferences As AcadPreferences
	Set preferences = ThisDrawing.Application.preferences

	' Get the current project file information
	Dim currProjPath As String
	Dim currProjName As Variant
	currProjName = ThisDrawing.GetVariable("PROJECTNAME")
	If currProjName <> "" Then
		currProjPath = preferences.GetProjectFilePath(currProjName)
	End If
	If currProjPath = "" Then
		MsgBox "There is no current project file or path. ", , "SetProjectFilePath Example"
		MsgBox "The current project file path is: " & currProjPath, , "SetProjectFilePath Example"
		' Set new project file information.
		' Change drive/path as necessary to match your system
		Dim newProjPath As String
		newProjPath = "C:/AutoCAD/"
		preferences.SetProjectFilePath currProjName, newProjPath
		MsgBox "The new project file path is: " & newProjPath, , "GetProjectFilePath Example"
		' Reset the project file information
		preferences.SetProjectFilePath currProjName, currProjPath
		MsgBox "The project file path has been reset to: " & currProjPath, , "GetProjectFilePath Example"
	End If

End Sub