View the Migration Log File

The migration log file (migration.xml) provides specific information about any settings or files that were not successfully migrated to AutoCAD 2008. The log file shows all the files that were successfully copied from a previous version to AutoCAD 2008. It also provides information about files that were not successfully migrated. Use the log for troubleshooting if there are unwanted or unexpected results in your AutoCAD 2008 profiles.

After you use the Migrate Custom Settings dialog box to migrate custom settings and files, a message is displayed that allows you to open the migration log file. You can view the migration log file at that time. You can also navigate to the file if you want to view the log details another time.

To locate and view the migration log file

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the following location:

    \Documents and Settings\<user profile>\Application Data\Autodesk\<product version>\<release number>\<language>\Migration.

  2. Double-click migration.xml to open the file, and view the details of your migration.