Register and Activate AutoCAD

The first time you start AutoCAD, the Product Activation wizard is displayed. You can either activate AutoCAD at that time or run AutoCAD and activate it later. Until you register and enter a valid activation code for AutoCAD, you are operating the program in trial mode and the Product Activation wizard is displayed for 30 days from the first time that you run the program. If after 30 days of running AutoCAD in trial mode you have not registered and provided a valid activation code, your only option is to register and activate AutoCAD. You will not be able to run in trail mode after the 30 days expires. Once you register and activate AutoCAD, the Product Activation wizard is no longer displayed.

The fastest and most reliable way to register and activate your product is by using the Internet. Simply enter your registration information and send it to Autodesk over the Internet. Once you submit your information, registration and activation occur almost instantly.

To register and activate AutoCAD

  1. Click Start menu (Windows) All Programs (or Programs) Autodesk AutoCAD 2008 AutoCAD 2008.
  2. In the AutoCAD 2008 Product Activation wizard, select Activate the Product, and then click Next.

    This starts the Register Today process.

  3. Click Register and Activate (Get an Activation Code).
  4. Click Next and follow the on-screen instructions.

    If you do not have Internet access, or if you want to use another method of registration, you can register and activate AutoCAD in one of the following ways:


    Create an email message with your registration information and send it to Autodesk.

    Fax or Post/Mail

    Enter your registration information, and fax or mail the information to Autodesk.