When adding or removing features, how can I tell what features get installed by default?

To quickly see what gets installed during a typical, default installation, click the Restore Defaults button on the Add/Remove Features page.

CAD Standard

Contains tools for reviewing design files for compliance with your standards.


Contains database access tools.


Contains multilanguage dictionaries.

Drawing Encryption

Allows you to use the Security Options dialog box to protect a drawing with a password.

Express Tools

Contains support tools and utilities.


Contains program fonts (True Type fonts are automatically installed with the program).

Autodesk Impression Toolbar

Allows access to Autodesk Impression commands. If Autodesk Impression is not currently installed, you can choose to install the program.

New Features Workshop

Contains animated demos, exercises, and sample files to help users learn new features.

Portable License Utility

Contains a tool for moving a stand-alone license between computers.

Migrate Custom Settings

Allows you to migrate custom settings and files from previous releases. For more information, see Migrate Custom Settings.

Reference Manager

Allows you to view and edit the paths of externally referenced files associated with a drawing.


Contains sample files for various features. Sample are part of a default installation. (Visual Lisp samples are not installed by default.)

VBA Support

Contains Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications support files.