How to Install and Start the CAD Manager Control Utility

Using the Autodesk CAD Manager Control utility, CAD managers can selectively control which users have access to Internet-based content and information from DesignCenter Online, Communication Center, and the Subscription Center. They can also determine if users receive notification when reported errors are resolved.

How to install the CAD Manager Control utility

  1. Insert the product DVD, or the first CD, into your computer's drive.
  2. In the Installation wizard, click Install Tools And Utilities.
  3. On the Welcome to the Installation wizard page, click Next.
  4. Choose Autodesk CAD Manager Tools 4.0 on the Select the Products to Install page. Click Next.
  5. Review the Autodesk software license agreement for your country or region. You must accept this agreement to procede with the installation. Choose your country or region, click I Accept, and then click Next.
    NoteIf you do not agree to the terms of the license and wish to terminate the installation, click Cancel.
  6. On the Review - Configure - Install page, click Install if you want to accept the default install location.

    If you want the utility installed in a different installation path, click Configure, set the path and then click Configuration Complete and then Install.

  7. Click Finish when the Installation Complete page is displayed.

How to start the CAD Manager Control utility

  1. On the Start menu (Windows), click All Programs (or Programs) Autodesk CAD Manager Tools CAD Manager Control Utility.
  2. Select the product you want to modify. Click OK.