How to Install and Use the Network License Activation Utility

With the Network License Activation utility, you can obtain licenses over the Internet, which saves time and effort in setting up a network-licensed version of the program. In addition, you can register your product, get automated support by email if you cannot obtain a license over the Internet, and save and migrate license files automatically.

To install your Network License Activation utility

  1. In the AutoCAD 2008 Installation wizard, click Install Tools and Utilities.
  2. On the Welcome to the AutoCAD 2008 Installation wizard page, click Next.
  3. Review the Autodesk software license agreement for your country or region. You must accept this agreement to procede with the installation. Choose your country or region, click I Accept, and then click Next.
    NoteIf you do not agree to the terms of the license and wish to terminate the installation, click Cancel.
  4. On the Select the Items to Install page, make sure Network License Activation Utility is selected and click Next.
  5. On the Review - Configure - Install page, click Configure.
  6. If multiple tools and utilities are selected, click the Network License Activation Utility tab.
  7. On the Set Up Network License Activation Utility page, either accept the default installation path (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\NLA\) or click Browse to specify a different path. If you enter a path that does not exist, a new folder is created using the name and location you provide. Click Next.
  8. On the On Line Access Tools page, click Next to install the Network License Activation Utility and any other selected tools and utilities.
  9. When the Installation Complete page displays, click Finish.

To use your Network License Activation utility

  1. On the Start menu (Windows), click All Programs (or Programs) Autodesk Network License Manager AutoCAD 2008 Network License Activation Utility.
  2. On the Obtain a Network License page, review how this utility works and the requirements for using it, and then click Next.
  3. On the Server Information page, enter the product serial number.
    NoteIf you are modifying an existing license file or obtaining a new license for an existing product, your previously entered information might be displayed. Make sure that the serial number that is displayed is the one you want to license. If it is not, enter the correct product serial number.
  4. In the License Server Model section, click a license server model. For more information about each license server model, click the ? button.
  5. In the Server Host Name box, enter a server host name or click the [...] button to locate the name of each server you plan to use.
  6. In the Host ID box, for each server host name you entered in the previous step, click Lookup to have the utility automatically locate the host ID for the server, or enter the host ID manually.
    NoteIf your server has more than one network adapter, select the one that corresponds to a physical network adapter. To determine which adapters are physical, enter ipconfig /all at a Windows command prompt and view the Description field above each physical address. If there is more than one physical network adapter, you can use any one of them, as long as it was listed when you ran ipconfig /all. Logical devices such as VPN adapters, PPP adapters, and modems may be listed but are not usable for licensing.
  7. If you chose Distributed Server in step 4, the Seats box is displayed. In the Seats box, enter the number of seats for each license server, and then click Next.
  8. On the Confirm Server Information page, review the server information you entered, and click Next.
  9. If the Register and License Your Autodesk Product page is displayed, do all of the following, and then click Next.
    • In the This Product is To Be Registered To option, select Company or Individual.
    • In the Select Country or Region section, select your country or region of residence.
    • In the Is This an Upgrade section, select Yes or No.
  10. If the Registration Information page is displayed, enter your registration information, and then click Next.
  11. If the Confirm Information page is displayed, review your registration information, and then click Next.
  12. If the Connecting page is displayed, click Next to connect to the Internet to obtain your network license.
  13. On the Licenses Received page, in the Save License File for [computer name] dialog box, enter the location where you want to save your license file, or click Browse to navigate to the location.
    NoteIt is recommended that you save your license file to the location where you installed the Network License Manager.
  14. If you have an existing license file from another Autodesk product, select one of the following options:
    • Insert the New License Information Into It. Adds the new license information into the existing license file.
    • Overwrite the Existing License File. Replaces the entire contents of the existing license file with the new license information. Select this option only if you no longer require any part of the existing license file contents.
  15. Click Next.
  16. On the License Activation Successful page, click Print to save a printed copy of the license information, or click Done to complete the transaction and exit the Network Activation utility.