Create a Deployment

A deployment contains a Microsoft Transform (MST) file that modifies the default behavior of the installation program. As you begin a deployment, you need to select a deployment location, choose a deployment name, and specify whether silent mode is active for client installations.

Silent mode

When silent mode is active and a user initiates the deployment, the installation proceeds without any explicit user input. No dialog boxes are presented that require interaction from the user.

To create a deployment

  1. On the Begin Deployment page, enter a deployment location or click the [...] button to browse your drive for a location.
    NoteThe deployment location should be a shared network folder. To create a shared folder, see Create Shared Folders for Your Deployments.
  2. In the Specify the Deployment Name field, enter the new deployment's name. The name you enter here is the name of the shortcut your users will access to install the product.
  3. If you want to prevent users from changing your installation settings when they install the product, make sure Client Installations Will Be Run in Silent Mode is active.
  4. Click Next.