Specify User Preferences (optional)

On the Specify User Preferences page, you can specify whether installations based on this deployment can proceed if Microsoft Internet Explorer is not installed, specify a default profile name, choose to display the product shortcut icon on the desktop, or create a custom desktop shortcut.

To specify user preferences settings

  1. While creating a deployment, on the Specify User Preferences page, clear the check box for the Internet Explorer option if you do not require Microsoft Internet Explorer to be installed before AutoCAD is installed.

  2. In the Default Profile Name box, specify a default profile name that will be current for all users who run the deployment.
  3. Clear the check box for Create an AutoCAD 2008 Desktop Shortcut if you do not want the product shortcut icon to appear on the user's desktop.
  4. If you want to create a custom desktop shortcut, specify a shortcut name and any parameters, such as switches that will call profiles, startup scripts, etc.

  5. Click Next.