Enter Personal Information

The Personalize the Products page is used to personalize the program for your company. The information you enter here is permanent and is displayed in the About <product name> window (accessed by using Help About) on all workstations that install your deployment. Because you can't change this information later without uninstalling the product, make sure you enter the correct information now.

You must also enter your product serial number in order to run the product. The product serial number is located on the product packaging. The serial number must contain a three-digit prefix followed by an eight-digit number.

To enter your personal information and serial number

  1. On the Personalize the Products page, enter the requested personalization data.
    NoteAlthough it is required that you enter information in each box on this page, you can enter any information that you want to convey to users who install the deployment.
  2. Enter your product serial number.
  3. Click Next.