Use a Master Image to Distribute Multi-Seat Stand-Alone Products to Multiple Systems

You can distribute the product using a master image for a multi-seat stand-alone product.

NoteWhen using Norton Ghost, you must use the -ib switch to include the boot sector in your master image. Consult your imaging software for more details on including the boot sector as part of the master image.

Master images should not be created if you’ve previously run Autodesk products on the master computer. Cleaning the system may be necessary. See Clean a Master System and Restore the Operating System.

To distribute a multi-seat stand-alone product to multiple computers using a master image

  1. Create a network deployment for a multi-seat stand-alone product. For more information, see Use the Installation Wizard to Set Up a Deployment.
  2. Install the Autodesk product from the deployment onto the master computer.
  3. Do one of the following on the master computer:
    • Create a master image, including the boot sector. Test the product on a machine other than the master computer before distributing the product. Launch the product on the other machine, and register and activate it. Users have a 30-day grace period to register and activate the product on their machines.
    • Launch and customize the product as necessary. Create a master image and distribute it to users. If users’ computers are connected to the Internet, the product is automatically activated. Users whose computers are not connected to the Internet have a 7-day grace period to register and activate the product.
  4. Apply the master image to the target computers.