Restore the Master Image

The following procedure assumes that you have saved a copy of each workstation’s Software Licenses folder (and Product Licenses folder, if present) to either another workstation or a DVD before you reformat the workstation.

To restore a product using a master image

  1. Exit the application. Do not run the application again until after you have completed this procedure.
  2. In Windows Explorer, copy the Software Licenses folder from the appropriate path shown below to a location other than the disk that will be restored.

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\Software Licenses

  3. Reformat the workstation and restore the master image.
    NoteDo not perform a low-level format of the hard drive.
  4. Copy the Software Licenses folder that you created in step 2 to its original workstation and location on that workstation.
NoteWhen you restore the disk image, any files that were altered are put back in their original state and ready to use again. The license files are preserved, and no reactivation of products is necessary.