Common MLeaderStyle Group Codes

The following group codes apply to all mleaderstyle entity types. In addition to the group codes described here, see Common Group Codes for Entities. For information about abbreviations and formatting used in this table, see Formatting Conventions in This Reference.

Common MLeaderStyle Line Group Codes


Group code


340 Leader Style Id
90 Property Override Flag
170 LeaderLineType
91 Leade LineColor
341 LeaderLineTypeID
171 LeaderLine Weight
290 Enable Landing
291 Enable Dogleg
41 Dogleg Length
342 Arrowhead ID
42 Arrowhead Size
172 Content Type
343 Text Style ID
173 Text Left Attachment Type
95 Text Right Attachement Type
174 Text Angle Type
175 Text Alignment Type
92 Text Color
292 Enable Frame Text
344 Block Content ID
93 Block Content Color
10 Block Content Scale
43 Block Content Rotation
176 Block Content Connection Type
293 Enable Annotation Scale
94 Arrowhead Index
345 Arrowhead ID
330 Block AttributerId
177 Block Attribute Index
44 Block Attribute Width
302 Block Attribute Text String
294 Text Direction Negative
178 Text Align in IPE
179 Text Attachment Point