Organization of This Reference

The DXF Reference presents the DXF™ group codes found in DXF files and encountered by AutoLISP. and ObjectARX. applications. This chapter describes the general DXF conventions. The remaining chapters list the group codes organized by object type. The group codes are presented in the order in which they are found in a DXF file, and each chapter is named according to the associated section of a DXF file. Although the DXF file format is used as the organizing mechanism for this reference, specific information on the actual formatting of DXF files is found in Drawing Interchange File Formats Advanced concepts relating to DXF group codes as they pertain to both applications and DXF files are found in Advanced DXF Issues

For descriptions of the AutoLISP functions that use group codes, see "Using AutoLISP to Manipulate AutoCAD Objects" in the AutoLISP Developer's Guide.