CLASSES Section Group Codes

Each entry in the CLASSES section contains the groups described in the following table.

CLASSES section group codes

Group code



Record type (CLASS). Identifies beginning of a CLASS record


Class DXF record name; always unique


C++ class name. Used to bind with software that defines object class behavior; always unique


Application name. Posted in Alert box when a class definition listed in this section is not currently loaded


Proxy capabilities flag. Bit-coded value that indicates the capabilities of this object as a proxy:

0 = No operations allowed (0)

1 = Erase allowed (0x1)

2 = Transform allowed (0x2)

4 = Color change allowed (0x4)

8 = Layer change allowed (0x8)

16 = Linetype change allowed (0x10)

32 = Linetype scale change allowed (0x20)

64 = Visibility change allowed (0x40)

128 = Cloning allowed (0x80)

256 = Lineweight change allowed (0x100)

512 = Plot Style Name change allowed (0x200)

895 = All operations except cloning allowed (0x37F)

1023 = All operations allowed (0x3FF)

1024 = Disables proxy warning dialog (0x400)

32768 = R13 format proxy (0x8000)


Instance count for a custom class


Was-a-proxy flag. Set to 1 if class was not loaded when this DXF file was created, and 0 otherwise


Is-an-entity flag. Set to 1 if class was derived from the AcDbEntity class and can reside in the BLOCKS or ENTITIES section. If 0, instances may appear only in the OBJECTS section