The following group codes apply to LAYER symbol table entries. In addition to the group codes described here, see Common Group Codes for Symbol Table Entries. For information about abbreviations and formatting used in this table, see Formatting Conventions in This Reference.

LAYER group codes

Group code



Subclass marker (AcDbLayerTableRecord)


Layer name


Standard flags (bit-coded values):

1 = Layer is frozen; otherwise layer is thawed

2 = Layer is frozen by default in new viewports

4 = Layer is locked

16 = If set, table entry is externally dependent on an xref

32 = If both this bit and bit 16 are set, the externally dependent xref has been successfully resolved

64 = If set, the table entry was referenced by at least one entity in the drawing the last time the drawing was edited. (This flag is for the benefit of AutoCAD commands. It can be ignored by most programs that read DXF files and need not be set by programs that write DXF files)


Color number (if negative, layer is off)


Linetype name


Plotting flag. If set to 0, do not plot this layer


Lineweight enum value


Hard-pointer ID/handle of PlotStyleName object


Hard-pointer ID/handle to Material object

Xref-dependent layers are output during SAVEAS. For these layers, the associated linetype name in the DXF file is always CONTINUOUS.