GetLinksBySQLCond [Connectivity Automation Reference: CAR]

GetLinksBySQLCond Method

Gets a Links collection based on link template, SQL condition, and (optionally) link type.

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RetVal = object.GetLinksBySQLCond(LinkTemplate, Condition [, LinkTypes] [, Document])


The object or objects this method applies to.


LinkTemplate object, or a string identifying a link template; input-only
Specifies the link template whose links are returned.


String; input-only
The WHERE clause of the SQL statement, identifying the conditions to be met.


Integer; input-only; optional
Specifies the type of links to return. You can specify any combination of the following link types:

kEntityLinkType: Entity links

kFSLabelType: Freestanding labels

kAttachedLabelType: Attached labels

If no value is specified, only entity links are returned.


Document object; input-only; optional
This argument is ignored if a LinkTemplate object is passed as the first argument. If this argument is not specified, the document object is identified as follows:


Links collection;
The Links collection meeting the specified conditions.


You must connect to the data source identified by LinkTemplate before issuing GetLinksBySQLCond.

The SQL conditions are applied to every linked row in the database, and the corresponding link object is returned if the conditions are met.