Link an Excel Spreadsheet to Access Data

Information in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can be combined with extracted data from drawings.

By linking to an Excel spreadsheet, you can include information from an entire worksheet, or part of a worksheet, referred to as a named range. Using the Link External Data dialog box, you can

On the Refine Data page, you access the Link External Data dialog box; you can set up a link to an entire Excel spreadsheet, or to a range of rows and columns, to the extracted data.

Before you can link a spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel needs to be installed on the same computer on which the data extraction is performed. If Microsoft Excel is not installed, or if the XLS file is not saved locally on the computer that is performing the data extraction, a data link cannot be established.

If a linked spreadsheet has been changed, such as a row or column has been added, the table in your drawing can be updated accordingly using the DATALINKUPDATE command. Likewise, if a change is made to the table in the drawing, the linked spreadsheet can be updated using the same command.

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