Use Table Styles for Data Extraction Tables

A table style or existing table can be used to format a data extraction table.

If you chose the option to create a data extraction table on the Choose Output page, the Table Style page is displayed in the wizard.

On the Table Style page in the wizard, you have three options for formatting the table. You can

When you use create a new table style, the Table Style Dialog Box opens where you can choose formatting settings.

If there are table styles defined in the drawing, you can select an existing table style by name. With either choice, you can add a title.

If a table is already defined in a table style, its title and header cells already contain text, and the table is formatted. Using an existing table eliminates repetitive formatting and standardizes how tables are created.

Regardless of whether you use a table style or a table within a table style, the extracted data is inserted between the title, header, and footer rows (if any exist in the table).

The bold line around the cells indicate the boundary of the cells that contain the extracted data.

Before completing the extraction, you can see the results of your formatting choices in a separate preview window.

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