Update Extracted Data Manually

You can update the extracted data in a table or external file manually.

If the drawings that were used for the data extraction have changed, you can manually update the data. To update a data extraction table, you can use either of two methods.

To update the extracted data that was output to an external file, you use the Data Extraction wizard and specify the DXE file that was used for the extraction.

NoteThe .dxe file is saved with the file name and location that was specified when a new data extraction was created.

Using the data extraction (DXE) file, you can also edit an existing data extraction to add or remove drawings, add or remove objects, or select different properties from which to extract data. Tables that reference the same DXE file, even if those tables are in other drawings, will display the changes when those tables are updated.

NoteFor access to shortcut menus in the drawing area that are needed for editing and updating tables, the Shortcut Menus in Drawing Area must be checked in the Options dialog box, User Preference tab.