Advanced Lighting Override

Sets parameters to affect the rendering of a material when it is lit by indirect illumination from global illumination and/or final gather.

The advanced lighting override provides controls to change the properties of the material to affect the rendered scene. This control is only available for Realistic and Realistic Metal material types. Global illumination is an indirect illumination technique that allows for effects such as color bleeding. As light hits a colored object in the model, photons bounce to adjacent objects and tint them with the color of the original object. Indirect illumination enhances the realism of a scene by simulating radiosity, or the interreflection of light between objects in a scene. More information on indirect illumination, global illumination and final gather can be found under the Advanced Rendering topic.

You can set the following parameters:

Materials with a bright diffuse color or high shininess can be highly reflective. This can lead to overexposed or washed-out indirect illumination. In some situations, the controls in the Advanced Lighting Override can improve the appearance of the indirect illumination. Here are some examples of situations where the material's settings can help include color bleeding and large dark areas.

When the material is transparent (like clear glass), the energy transmitted is specular, and light passes directly through the material (subject to refraction). The value of specular transmittance depends on the material's Transparency setting. Usually, when a material has high transmittance, it has low reflectance, and the other way around.