Manage Files with Autodesk Vault

If you are a subscription customer, you have access to Autodesk Vault, a file management tool that provides a repository where documents and files are stored and managed. Autodesk Vault gives you more power to manage files and track changes. Versioned copies of master files are maintained, allowing you to easily revert to earlier versions of files. You can check files out for editing and later check them back in. The master copy is never directly edited. During the check-in process, you can add comments regarding the edits you've made to inform other designers of your changes. You are able to quickly understand a project’s developmental flow and history.

Autodesk Vault consists of two required components: the Autodesk Data Management Server and the Vault Client. Optionally, you can also install the Vault Office Add-in.

For information about using the Vault, refer to the Vault Help system.

NoteThe main components for the Autodesk Vault can be downloaded from the Autodesk Subscription site.

The Autodesk Data Management Server

The Autodesk Data Management Server stores the master copies of all your documents and designs. By storing all your data in a common, centralized location, you can easily share and manage information with your design team.

The Vault Client

The Vault Client software includes Autodesk Vault Explorer. The Vault Explorer is a stand-alone application that provides tools you use to access data stored on the Autodesk Data Management Server. From within AutoCAD, you can log in, log out, and open and attach files directly from the Vault. You can also access the Vault using the Vault Explorer. With the Vault Explorer you can

The Vault Office Add-in (Optional)

This optional component gives Vault access to Microsoft. Office products (Word, Excel). The Vault access is similar to the access to Microsoft Office that is available in AutoCAD. To use this component, the Vault Client must be installed.