Add Content with DesignCenter

The right portion of the DesignCenter window operates on the content displayed.

Double-clicking an item in the content area displays successive levels of detail. For example, double-clicking a drawing image displays several icons, including an icon for blocks. Double-clicking the Blocks icon displays images of each block in the drawing.

Add Content to a Drawing

You can add content from the content area into your current drawing using several methods:

You can preview graphical content such as a drawing, xref, or block in the content area, and you can display a text description if available.

Update Block Definitions with DesignCenter

Unlike xrefs, when the source file of a block definition is changed, block definitions in the drawings that contain that block are not automatically updated. With DesignCenter, you decide whether a block definition should be updated in the current drawing. The source file of a block definition can be a drawing file or a nested block in a symbol library drawing.

From the shortcut menu displayed when you right-click a block or drawing file in the content area, click Redefine Only or Insert and Redefine to update the selected block.

Open Drawings with DesignCenter

With DesignCenter, you can open a drawing from the content area using the shortcut menu, pressing CTRL while dragging a drawing, or dragging a drawing icon to any location outside the graphics area of a drawing area. The drawing name is added to the DesignCenter history list for quick access in future sessions.

Add Items from DesignCenter to a Tool Palette

You can add drawings, blocks, and hatches from DesignCenter to the current tool palette.

When you add drawings to a tool palette, they are inserted as blocks when you drag them into the current drawing.

NoteYou can select multiple blocks or hatches from the content area to add them to a tool palette.