Overview of DesignCenter Online

DesignCenter Online provides access to pre-drawn content such as blocks, symbol libraries, manufacturers' content, and online catalogs. This content can be used in common design applications to assist you in creating your drawings.

To access DesignCenter Online, click the DC Online tab in DesignCenter. Once the DesignCenter Online window is open, you can browse, search, and download content to use in your drawing.

In the DesignCenter Online window, two panes are displayed—a right pane and a left pane. The right pane is called the content area. The content area displays the items or folders that you selected in the left pane. The left pane can display one of the following four views:

You choose the view by clicking the heading at the top of the left pane.

Once you select a folder in the left pane, all of its content is loaded into the content area. You can select an item in the content area to load it into the preview area. Items can be downloaded by dragging them from the preview area into your drawing or tool palette, or by saving the items to your computer.

NoteIf the DC Online tab is not available in DesignCenter and you want to access DesignCenter Online, see your network or CAD administrator.

DesignCenter Online Privacy

DesignCenter Online is an interactive feature that must be connected to the Internet to deliver content and information. Each time DesignCenter Online is connected, it sends information to Autodesk so that the correct information can be returned. All information is sent anonymously to maintain your privacy.

The following information is sent to Autodesk:

Autodesk compiles statistics using the information sent from DesignCenter Online to monitor how it is being used and how it can be improved. Autodesk will maintain information provided by or collected from you in accordance with Autodesk's published privacy policy, which is available on http://www.autodesk.com/privacy.

Turn the DC Online Tab On or Off

The CAD Manager Control utility turns the DC Online tab in DesignCenter on and off. Information about how to use the utility is available after you install the utility from the Installation Wizard by running the utility and clicking Help in the CAD Manager Control Utility window.