Use a Template File to Start a Drawing

A drawing template file contains standard settings. Select one of the template files supplied, or create your own template files.

Drawing template files have a .dwt file extension.

When you create a new drawing based on an existing template file and make changes, the changes in the new drawing do not affect the template file. You can use one of the template files supplied with the program, or you can create your own template files.

Create a Drawing Template File

When you need to create several drawings that use the same conventions and default settings, you can save time by creating or customizing a template file instead of specifying the conventions and default settings each time you start. Conventions and settings commonly stored in template files include

By default, drawing template files are stored in the template folder, where they are easily accessible.

Recover the Default Drawing Template File

If the settings in the drawing template file acad.dwt or acadiso.dwt have been changed from the original defaults, you can reset them by starting a new drawing with no template and then saving the drawing as a drawing template file, replacing acad.dwt or acadiso.dwt.

If you specify the 3D Modeling workspace, the default drawing template files are acad3d.dwt and acadiso3d.dwt.

You can start a new drawing with the original defaults by using NEW to display the Select Template dialog box. To do this, click the arrow next to the Open button and then click one of the “no template” options from the list.