Open a Drawing

You open drawings to work on them just as you do with other Windows applications. In addition, you can choose from several alternative methods.

To open a drawing, you can

TrustedDWG™ Drawing Files

DWG, DWT, and DWS files that are created with Autodesk applications and RealDWG™-based applications are trusted by Autodesk. When you open a TrustedDWG file, the following icon displays in the application status bar or the drawing status bar.

If the DWGCHECK system variable is set to On (1), an alert box is displayed if

For more information about TrustedDWG, click the TrustedDWG icon.

Recover Defective Drawing Files

In some circumstances, it is possible that a drawing file becomes defective. This can result from hardware problems or transmission errors. If a drawing file is corrupt, you might be able to recover it. See Repair, Restore, or Recover Drawing Files.

Change the Default Drawing Folder

Each time you start AutoCAD, the My Documents folder is the default path in each standard file selection dialog box. Alternatively, you can configure AutoCAD to always default to a specified path by changing the default drawing folder using the REMEMBERFOLDERS system variable.

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