Define Standards

To set standards, you create a file that defines properties for layers, dimension styles, linetypes, and text styles, and you save it as a standards file with the .dws file name extension.

Depending on how you organize your projects, you may decide to create and associate more than one project-specific standards file with an individual drawing. When you audit the drawing file, conflicts may arise between settings in the standards files. For example, one standards file specifies that the layer WALL is yellow, and another standards file specifies that it is red. In the case of conflicts, the first standards file associated with the drawing takes precedence. If necessary, you can change the order of the standards files to change the precedence.

If you want to audit drawings using just a specific plug-in, you can specify the plug-in when defining your standards file. For example, if recent changes to a drawing are limited to text changes, you may want to audit the drawing using only the layers and text styles plug-ins to save time. By default, all plug-ins are used when auditing drawings for standards violations.