Translate Layer Names and Properties

You can reorganize a drawing's layers to match a set of layer standards.

Convert Layers to Established Drawing Standards

With the Layer Translator, you can convert layers in one drawing to layer standards that you define.

For example, if you receive a drawing from a company that does not follow your company's layer standards, you can convert the drawing's layer names and properties to your company's standards. You can map layers in the drawing you are currently working on to different layers in another drawing or standards file, and then convert the current layers using those mappings. If the drawings contain layers of the same name, the Layer Translator can automatically change the properties of the current layers to match those in the other layers.

You can save your layer translation mappings in a file and reuse them with other drawings.

View Selected Drawing Layers

With the Layer Translator, you can control which layers are visible in the drawing area.

You can choose to display objects on all layers in your drawing, or objects on layers you specify. By viewing selected layers, you can visually verify the contents of those layers.

Purge Unreferenced Layers

With the Layer Translator, you can purge (delete) all unreferenced layers from a drawing.

For example, if your drawing includes layers that you do not need, you may want to remove those layers. Reducing the number of layers makes working with the remaining layers more manageable.