Use a Visual Style to Display Your Model

A visual style is a collection of settings that control the display of edges and shading in the viewport. Instead of using commands and setting system variables, you change the properties of the visual style. As soon as you apply a visual style or change its settings, you can see the effect in the viewport.

The Visual Styles Manager displays sample images of the visual styles available in the drawing. The selected visual style is indicated by a yellow border, and its settings are displayed in the panel below the sample images.

When the Dashboard is displayed, you can change some frequently used settings directly or open the Visual Styles Manager.

Five default visual styles are supplied with the product:

In shaded visual styles, faces are lighted by two distant light sources that follow the viewpoint as you move around the model. This default lighting is designed to illuminate all faces in the model so that they are visually discernable. Default lighting is available only when other lights, including the sun, are off.

You can select a visual style and change its settings at any time. The changes you make are reflected in the viewports where the visual style is applied. For more information about face settings, environment settings, and edge settings, see Customize a Visual Style. Any changes you make to a visual style are saved in the drawing.