Understand the Sheet Set Manager Interface

Using the controls in the Sheet Set Manager, you can create, organize, and manage sheets in a sheet set.

You can use the following tabs and controls in the Sheet Set Manager:

Sheet Set Control. Lists menu options to create a new sheet set, open an existing sheet set, or switch between open sheet sets.

Sheet List Tab. Displays an organized list of all sheets in the sheet set. Each sheet in a sheet set is a specified layout in a drawing file.

Sheet Views Tab. Displays an organized list of all sheet views in the sheet set. Only sheet views created with AutoCAD 2005 and later are listed.

Model Views Tab. Lists the paths and folder names for the drawings containing model space views to be used in the sheet set.

Buttons. Provides convenient access for the most commonly used operations for the currently selected tab.

Tree View. Displays the contents of a tab.

Details or Preview. Displays either descriptive information or a thumbnail preview of the currently selected item in the tree view.

Actions Used in the Tree View

You can use the following actions in the tree view:

NoteTo use the Sheet Set Manager effectively, right-click items in the tree view to access relevant shortcut menus. For access to shortcut menus in the drawing area that are needed for sheet set operations, the Shortcut Menus in Drawing Area must be checked in the Options dialog box, User Preferences tab.