Publish, Transmit, and Archive Sheet Sets

After you have organized drawings into a sheet set, you can publish, transmit, and archive the sheet set as a package.

Use Page Setups

Page setups provide the settings that are used for publishing and plotting. When you create a sheet set, you specify a drawing template (DWT) file that contains one or more page setups for all new sheets. This DWT file is called the sheet creation template.

Another DWT file, called the page setup overrides file, contains page setups that can be specified to override the page setups in each sheet. You specify the page setup overrides file in the Sheet Set Properties dialog box.

When you publish a sheet set, you can use the page setups defined in each drawing file, you can use the page setup overrides for all drawing files, or you can publish to a DWF file. For more information about page setups, see Use Named Page Setups with Sheet Sets.

NoteWith page setup overrides, you can use the PUBLISHCOLLATE system variable to control whether plotting a sheet set can be interrupted by other plot jobs or not.

Save a Selection of Sheets

You can select part of a sheet set for publishing and transmitting. On the Sheet List tab, you can select individual sheets using standard Microsoft. Windows. selection methods—press CTRL or SHIFT when you click items. You can specify all the sheets in a sheet subset by clicking the subset node.

You will likely need to perform operations on the same group of sheets in a sheet set repeatedly. To speed up selecting the sheets and to ensure that the same sheets are selected each time, you can use the Sheet Set Manager to reselect groups of sheets by name. These named groups of sheets are called sheet selections. You can create and manage sheet selections by using the Sheet Selections button at the top of the Sheet List tab.