Display and Change the Properties of Objects

You can display and change the current properties for any object in your drawing.

You can display and change the current properties for any object in your drawing in the following ways:

Use the Properties Palette

The Properties palette lists the current settings for properties of the selected object or set of objects. You can modify any property that can be changed by specifying a new value.

You can double-click most objects to open the Properties palette when the DBLCLKEDIT system variable is on (the default). The exceptions include blocks and attributes, hatches, gradient fills, text, multilines, and xrefs. If you double-click any of these objects, an object-specific dialog box displays instead of the Properties palette.

NoteThe DBLCLKEDIT system variable must be on and the PICKFIRST system variable must be on (set to 1, the default) for double-clicking to work.

Change Object Property or ByBlock Settings to ByLayer

Using the SETBYLAYER command, you can change specified properties to ByLayer for selected objects. Objects that have a ByBlock setting can also be changed to ByLayer. When an object’s properties are not set to ByLayer, those objects do not display the layer property overrides that were set by viewport.

From the SetByLayer Settings dialog box, you can specify which object property settings are changed to ByLayer.

The SETBYLAYERMODE system variable stores the propety settings that are to be changed when the SETBYLAYER command is used.

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