Change Layer Settings and Layer Properties

You can change the name of a layer and any of its properties, including color and linetype, and you can reassign objects from one layer to another.

Because everything in your drawing is associated with a layer, it's likely that in the course of planning and creating a drawing, you'll need to change what you place on a layer or how you view the layers in combination. You can

Reassigning an object to a different layer is useful if you create an object on the wrong layer or decide to change your layer organization. Unless the color, linetype, or other properties of the object have been set explicitly, an object that you reassign to a different layer will acquire the properties of that layer.

You can change layer properties in the Layer Properties Manager and in the Layer control on the Layers toolbar. Click the icons to change settings. Layer names and colors can be changed only in the Layer Properties Manager, not the Layer control.

Undo Changes to Layer Settings

You can use Layer Previous to undo changes you make to layer settings. For example, if you freeze several layers and change some of the geometry in a drawing, and then want to thaw the frozen layers, you can do this with a single command without affecting the geometry changes. In another example, if you changed the color and linetype of several layers but later decide you prefer the old properties, you can use Layer Previous to undo the changes and restore the original layer settings.

When you use Layer Previous, it undoes the most recent change or set of changes made using either the Layer control or the Layer Properties Manager. Every change you make to layer settings is tracked and can be undone with Layer Previous. You can use LAYERPMODE to suspend layer property tracking when you don't need it, such as when you run large scripts. There is a modest performance gain in turning off Layer Previous tracking.

Layer Previous does not undo the following changes: