Use Color Books

When assigning colors to objects, you can choose colors from color books that are loaded on your system. You can choose from a wide range of custom colors when using color books. Color books include third-party or user-defined files that contain named color swatches. These colors can be used to enhance presentation drawings as well as to optimize the variety of color used in your drawings. You can apply color book colors to objects in your drawings by using the Color Books tab in the Select Color dialog box.

Install Color Books

Color book files must contain an .acb file extension in order to be recognized by this program. To access color book colors from the Select Color dialog box, you must first copy your color book files to a specified color book location. On the Files tab of the Options dialog box, you can define the path where color book files are stored. Multiple locations can be defined for the color book path. These locations are saved in your user profile.

After loading a color book on your system, to access the new colors, you need to close the Select Color dialog box and then open it again. The new color book is displayed in the Color Book drop-down list on the Color Books tab. Once you have loaded a color book, you can apply any colors that are defined in the book to objects in your drawing.

Browse Color Books

Color books are organized alphabetically into pages that you can browse through. A page holds up to ten colors. If the color book you are browsing through is not organized into pages, the colors are arranged into pages, with each page containing up to seven colors.