Display Lineweights

Lineweights can be turned on and off in a drawing, and are displayed differently in model space than in a paper space layout.

Regeneration time increases with lineweights that are represented by more than one pixel. Turn off the display of lineweights to optimize performance of the program.

You can turn the display of lineweights on or off by clicking LWT on the status bar. This setting does not affect the plotting of lineweights.

Display Lineweights in Model Space

Lineweight display in model space does not change with the zoom factor. For example, a lineweight value that is represented by a width of four pixels is always displayed using four pixels regardless of how far you zoom in. If you want the lineweights on objects to appear thicker or thinner on the Model tab, use LWEIGHT to set their display scale. Changing the display scale does not affect the lineweight plotting value.

In model space, weighted lines that are joined form a beveled joint with no end caps. You can use plot styles to apply different joins and endcap styles to objects with lineweights.

NoteDifferent styles of endcaps and joins of objects with lineweight are displayed only in a full plot preview.

Display Lineweights in Layouts

In layouts and plot preview, lineweights are displayed in real-world units, and lineweight display changes with the zoom factor. You can control lineweight plotting and scaling in your drawing in the Plot dialog box, Plot Settings tab.