Control the Display of Polylines, Hatches, Gradient Fills, Lineweights, and Text

You can simplify the display of certain kinds of objects in order to speed performance.

Display performance is improved when wide polylines and donuts, solid-filled polygons (two-dimensional solids), hatches, gradient fills, and text are displayed in simplified form. Simplified display also increases the speed of creating test plots.

Turn Off Solid Fill

When you turn off Fill mode, wide polylines, solid-filled polygons, gradient fill, and hatches are displayed in outline form. Except for patterned hatches and gradient fills, solid fill is automatically turned off for hidden view and nonplan views in three dimensions.

Use Quick Text

When you turn on Quick Text mode in drawings that contain a lot of text using complex fonts, only a rectangular frame defining the text is displayed or plotted.

Turn Off Lineweights

Any lineweight width that is represented by more than one pixel may slow down performance. If you want to improve display performance, turn lineweights off. You can turn lineweights on and off by choosing the LWT button on the status bar or by using the Lineweight Settings dialog box. Lineweights are always plotted at their real-world value whether their display is turned on or off.

Update the Display

New objects automatically use the current settings for displays of solid fill and text. Except for lineweights, to update the display of existing objects using these settings, you must use REGEN.

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