Overview of Specifying Intervals on Objects

Provides a high-level overview of two options for marking off equal distances along objects.

Sometimes you need to create points or insert symbols (blocks) at intervals on an object.

You can

You can measure or divide lines, arcs, splines, circles, ellipses, and polylines. With both methods, you can identify the intervals by inserting either a point or a block.

By specifying points, you can use the Node object snap to align other objects at intervals on the measured or divided object. By specifying blocks, you can create precise geometric constructions or insert custom markers. The blocks can rotate at each insertion point.

You cannot insert a block unless it has already been defined within the drawing. Variable attributes within the block are not included when you insert the block references.

The points or blocks you draw using MEASURE or DIVIDE are placed in a selection set. Therefore, if you want to edit them immediately, you can use the Previous option of SELECT.

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