Divide an Object into Equal Segments

You can divide a selected object into a specified number of equal lengths.

You can create points or insert blocks on an object at a specific number of equal intervals. This operation does not actually break an object into individual objects; it only identifies the location of the divisions so that you can use them as geometric reference points.

The starting point for measurements or divisions varies with the object type. For lines or open polylines, the starting point is the endpoint closest to the selection point. For closed polylines, it is the polyline start point. For circles, it is at the angle from the center point that is equivalent to the current snap angle. For example, if the snap angle is 0, the circle starts at the three o'clock position and continues counterclockwise.

If the point marker is displayed as a single dot (the default setting), you may not be able to see the segments. You can change the style of the point markers using several methods. To change the point style in a dialog box, you can use DDPTYPE. Alternately, click Format menu Point Style. The PDMODE system variable also controls the appearance of point markers. For example, you can change the value to make points appear as crosses. PDSIZE controls the size of point objects.