Draw Multiline Objects

Multilines are composed of 1 to 16 parallel lines, called elements.

When you draw a multiline, you can use the STANDARD style, which has two elements, or specify a style that you created previously. You can also change the justification and scale of the multiline before you draw it.

Multiline justification determines which side of the cursor that the multiline is drawn, or whether it is centered on the cursor.

Multiline scale controls the overall width of the multiline using the current units. Multiline scale does not affect linetype scale. If you change the multiline scale, you might need to make equivalent changes to the linetype scale to prevent dots or dashes from being disproportionately sized.

Create Multiline Styles

You can create named styles for multilines to control the number of elements and the properties of each element. The properties of multilines include

You can add up to 16 elements to a multiline style. Elements with a positive offset appear on one side of the middle of the multiline; elements with a negative offset appear on the other side of the middle of the multiline.

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