Save a Block in the Block Editor

When you are finished adding elements to your dynamic block definition in the Block Editor, save the block definition.

In the Block Editor, you can save your block definition by clicking the Save Block Definition button on the Block Editor toolbar, or by entering bsave at the command prompt. You should then save your drawing to make sure that the block definition is saved in the drawing.

When you save a block definition in the Block Editor, the current values of the geometry and parameters in the block are set as the default values for the block reference. When you create a dynamic block that uses visibility states, the default visibility state for the block reference is the visibility state at the top of the list in the Manage Visibility States dialog box.

Once you've saved the block definition, you can close the Block Editor and try your block in a drawing.

NoteIf you click File menu Save while you are in the Block Editor, you will save the drawing but not the block definition. You must specifically save the block definition while you are in the Block Editor.