Control the Color and Linetype Properties in Blocks

The objects in an inserted block can retain their original properties, can inherit properties from the layer on which they are inserted, or can inherit the properties set as current in the drawing.

Generally when you insert a block, the color, linetype, and lineweight of objects in the block retain their original settings regardless of the current settings in the drawing. However, you can create blocks with objects that inherit the current color, linetype, and lineweight settings. These objects have floating properties.

You have three choices for how the color, linetype, and lineweight properties of objects are treated when a block reference is inserted.

If you want objects in a block to

Create objects on these layers

Create objects with these properties

Retain original properties

Any but 0 (zero)


Inherit properties from the current layer

0 (zero)


Inherit individual properties first, then layer properties



Floating properties also apply to nested blocks when the nested block references and the objects they contain use the settings required for floating properties.