Filter Selection Sets

You can use object properties or object types to include objects in a selection set, or to exclude them.

Using either Quick Select (QSELECT) from the Properties palette or the Object Selection Filters dialog box (FILTER), you can filter selection sets by property (such as color) and by object type. For example, you can select all of the red circles in a drawing without selecting any other object, or you can select all objects except the red circles.

With Quick Select, you can quickly define a selection set based on filtering criteria that you specify, and if an Autodesk or a third-party application was used to add a feature classification to an object, you can select objects by classification property. With object selection filters, you can name and save filters for future use.

With either Quick Select or object selection filters, if you want to filter your selection set based on color, linetype, or lineweight, first consider whether these properties are set to BYLAYER for any objects in your drawing. For example, an object may appear red because its color is set to BYLAYER and the layer color is red.

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