Customize Object Selection

You can control several aspects of selecting objects, such as whether you enter a command first or select objects first, the size of the pickbox cursor, and how selected objects are displayed.

For commands that use the Select Objects prompt, you can

You can also choose

Select the Command First

When you use an editing command, a Select Objects prompt is displayed and the crosshairs is replaced with a pickbox. You can respond to the Select Objects prompt in various ways:

Select Objects First

You can use one of two methods to select objects before starting a command:

Highlight Objects to Be Selected

Objects are highlighted when the pickbox cursor rolls over them, providing a preview of which object will be selected when you click.

When you specify an area to select multiple objects, the background of the area becomes transparent.

These selection previewing effects are turned on by default. You can turn them off or change the appearance of selection previewing (Options dialog box, Selection tab). When the PICKBOX system variable is set to 0, selection previewing of objects is not available.

Control the Appearance of Selected Objects

By default, selected objects are displayed with dashed lines. You can increase program speed by setting the HIGHLIGHT system variable to 0. Turning off selection highlighting does not affect grips on selected objects.

Set Up Default Selection Methods

Options on the Selection tab of the Options dialog box control default selection methods: