Create Groups

In addition to choosing the objects that will become the members of a group, you can give the group a name and description.

When you create a group, you can give the group a name and description. If you copy a group, the copy is given the default name Ax and is considered unnamed. Unnamed groups are not listed in the Object Grouping dialog box unless you select Include Unnamed.

If you choose a member of a group that can be selected for inclusion in a new group, all members of the former group are included in the new group.

The objects in your drawing can be members of more than one group, and groups themselves can be nested in other groups. You can ungroup a nested group to restore the original group configuration.

Named groups are not maintained when you use a drawing as an external reference or insert it as a block. However, you can bind and then explode the external reference or explode the block to make the group available as an unnamed group.

NoteAvoid creating large groups containing hundreds or thousands of objects. A large group significantly degrades the performance of this program.