Correct Mistakes

You can backtrack your recent actions using one of several methods.

Undo a Single Action

The simplest method of backtracking is to use Undo on the Standard toolbar or the U command to undo a single action. Many commands include their own U (undo) option so that you can correct mistakes without leaving the command. When you are creating lines and polylines, for example, enter u to undo the last segment.

NoteBy default, the UNDO command is set to combine consecutive pan and zoom commands into a single operation when you undo or redo. However, pan and zoom commands that are started from the menu are not combined, and always remain separate actions.

Undo Several Actions at Once

Use the Mark option of UNDO to mark an action as you work. You can then use the Back option of UNDO to undo all actions that occurred after the marked action. Use the Begin and End options of UNDO to define a set of actions to be treated as a group.

You can also undo several actions at once with the Undo list on the Standard toolbar.

Reverse the Effect of Undo

You can reverse the effect of a single U or UNDO command by using REDO immediately after using U or UNDO.

You can also redo several actions at once with the Redo list on the Standard toolbar.

Erase Objects

You can erase any object that you draw. If you accidentally erase the wrong object, you can use the UNDO command or the OOPS command to restore it.

For more information, see Erase Objects.

Cancel a Command

You can cancel a command without completing it by pressing ESC.